Remote Support

Using the latest remote desktop technology, our service team can take control of your PC or Mac to diagnose and repair faults with your printer or copier. This also includes driver, network and scan to email/folder issues. Its quick and easy and means we can have you up and running without the need to wait for an engineer to visit.

To do this we use a software tool called TeamViewer. This is a high security program used by over a billion people across the globe and trusted by 90% of the fortune 500 businesses.


Our service team will ask you to click on the link below and follow some simple security login steps. Once we have control, sit back and let our technicians resolve your issues.

During the process they will be able to message you and discuss any issues they may have found, and once complete they will logout and all control will return back to you.

For more information about TeamViewer please click here.

What do you do?
Follow a few easy steps detailed below:

  1. Click the TeamViewer button above to download the software (It’s a very small file)
  2.  A TeamViewer window will open displaying your ID and Password.
  3. Give this information to the Temple Knight technician.
  4. Sit back and relax while we resolve your issues.