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Most organisations are aware that they waste a certain amount of money through printing or copying documents that are not needed, printing single sided when they could duplex, or even printing in colour when black and white would suffice.

Print management software educates the users to print smarter, while allowing the administrators to implement printing rules that reduce your printing costs.

Temple Knight and Utax recommend Papercut who are one of the market leaders in print management software. Their software has helped over 50,000 organisations across the globe reduce their printing costs, while also reducing their impact on the environment.

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See at a glance, how PaperCut can help you manage:

  • Who’s printing what, by department or user
  • Uncollected or forgotten prints (that end up in the recycle bin)
  • BYOD and mobile printing
  • Document security when using sharing resources
  • Allocation of print resources to departments, projects or clients


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