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Capture IT is a bespoke print management software solution designed to save your business time and money. Capture IT is a bespoke print management software solution designed to save your business time and money.
Once installed onto your PC or server, our service team can directly interrogate your printers and photocopiers to see how they are performing. We can see consumable levels, meter readings or even if you are experiencing a paper jam.
With this software you won’t need to tell us if you are experiencing a problem, as we will already know and have an engineer ready!
The same goes for consumables, your machines will tell us when they are low so that we can order them for you, before you even realise your running out!
Capture IT takes the hassle out of getting meter readings. The old days of fumbling around the copier trying to extract the copy counts are gone. Capture IT simply sends us meter readings on set intervals, so that we can bill you accurately without the need for disturbing your business.
But don’t worry, no personal or business information, print data or even hard drive data is collected when using this software. All information collected is used for the sole purpose of supporting and maintaining your equipment, and no information is shared with any third parties.
But how much does it cost? Well we couldn’t decide on a figure for something this good, so we thought we would include it free to all our customers, who purchase equipment from us with a maintenance package or a print management solution!
Want to find out more? Please call and speak one of our product specialists who will be more than happy discuss your requirements.

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Errors automatically reported to the service team.
No more meter readings.
Automated consumable ordering.
Accurate billing.
Equipment reliability monitored.


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Purchase Options

Looking to spread the cost of ownership?
Why not speak to one of our product specialists about our flexible lease options over 2 – 5 years. Subject to lease acceptance.

Prefer not to own it? Why not talk to us about our short and long term rental options

Temple Knight offer three purchase options:
• Outright Purchase
• Rental
• Lease