Supported Charities

Service by Emergency Response Volunteers (SERV)

SERV KENT v4 300ppiTemple Knight are proud sponsors of SERV a charity run by volunteers to transport emergency blood, vaccines and other urgently required medical supplies by car or motorcycle, around more than 15 counties in the UK.

Since 1981 SERV have been supporting the NHS relying on donations from the public and corporate sponsorship.

At Temple Knight we feel very passionately about supporting SERV, especially as family members of some of our office staff have already experienced the vital service they provide.

Meet the bike we are sponsoring.

It’s called a Husqvarna Nuda 900. A BMW powered, Italian designed road bike that has now been converted into a fast response bloodrunner. Husqvarna are generally known for their motocross and trial bikes, but since their merge with BMW they are now branching out into dedicated street bikes.

This particular 900 looks amazing with all of its reflective patches and SERV logos, and really turns heads. It’s currently based in the Kent area serving Kent’s hospitals where needed.

Keep an eye out for it when you are in Kent – you won’t miss it!

For more information about SERV, please visit their website